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A family environment rich of fun and educational activities for your child !

Immagine a place where your child can not only explore, create and grow but also learn and have fun in the middle of nature. In our caring and stimulating environment, every day is a new adventure full of discovery.

Gym and rhythm classes

Discover how gym and rhythm are much more than fun activities! They help strengthening your child's muscles, develop equilibrium and coordination, in addition to stimulating the spirit. 

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Music classes

Explore the magic world of music by playing instruments such as piano, flute, drums and many more. Let children discover, create and have fun through interactive and playful activities.

Art classes

Stimulate your child's imagination with a variety of creative activities (painting, bricolage, decoupage, clay) which encourage creativity and fine motility. 

Cooking classes

Join our cooking classes, where every child discovers the plaquer of cooking while learning! While using only natural ingredients bio, this fun and educational activity allows children to develop their own creativity. During the classes, they learn to measure, dose, cut, mix and the pleasure of sharing happy moments with the others. Offer your child a yummy and enriching experience, where he/she will be able to explore new flavours and develop his/her own healthy taste. 

Pizza time !
Outdoor exploration classes
Encourage your child to familiarise with Mother Nature. Thanks to the outdoor activities! Each outing is an adventure where children can participate to games, discover the garden, observe plants, fostering the connection with their natural environment.


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Weekly timetable

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

From 9h00 am to 12h00 pm



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